Sunday, August 7, 2011

Settling in with the Cahills

Well, it happened!  We are no longer Kansas St. residents.  We sold our house in about 5 weeks, much sooner than we anticipated.  However, we are so grateful to sell our house in this market!  We moved out on July 25th, maids came on the 26th and we closed on the 27th.  The couple who ended up buying our place was very nice and super excited about moving in.  I must say though, it was bitter sweet for me.  Tim and I got married and had Sloan while we lived in that house.  And, it must be noted that we had the best neighbors we could ask for!! Adam and E you can't be replaced.  We must stick to our deal that you guys have to come to Augusta Pines every Sunday for football.  We now temporarily reside in Kingwood with Tim's parents.  They were very sweet to let us move in with them while our new home is being built.  We are all settled in now after a couple of weeks. We have been going on golf cart rides, going to the pool, and just relaxing.  We are looking forward to the months to come with our new room mates :)

Here is a pic from the BIG move!

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