Sunday, April 24, 2011

Happy Easter

Well 2011 Easter was great!  We started out the weekend by heading to the hospital to see the newest addition to the Southall family. Congratulations Matt and Diane!! Luke William Southall was born Thursday night and boy is he adorable!  He is Sloan's newest boyfriend and soon to be day-time buddy.  Jackson will be leaving in June :( but Luke will be stepping in to fill his shoes. 

Friday evening we headed to the lake to see Heather, Ann Marie and Denny.  However, when we got there we were pleasantly surprised to see Dow!  Sloan was so happy to see her Aunt Heather and Uncle Dow.  For the most part, we relaxed, ate great food, but the best part was Sloan got to go on her first boat ride!  Boy did she love the water...not like she had much choice since her parents love the lake :)

Sunday morning we met my Dad and Kelly at church in The Woodlands.  We attempted to be 'those people' who bring their kids into church because we knew Sloan would be good.  However, as the preacher was going through the proper etiquette of church...turn your cell phones off, if your child starts being noisy take them outside...Sloan starts talking...LOUDLY lol!  So needless to say we ended up in the Family Viewing Room.  After church, we met my sister and grandparents at Guadalajara in the Woodlands...yum! I am already looking forward to next Easter when Sloan can go on an Easter Egg Hunt :)  I wish we could have seen my mom and her side of the family too though!  Happy Easter everyone!!

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