Sunday, May 15, 2011

Pictures, Mother's Day, and friends!

The time is here - my sweet girl is turning one!!  We headed to Montgomery to take Sloan's one-year pictures and oh my, the pics turned out amazing!  We had so much fun watching Sloan smash into her cup cake!  Here are some of the pics from the session.

This Mother's Day meant so much to me because it was my first!  And let me say, I don't know how Sloan and Tim are going to top this one because it was absolutely perfect and so special.  It started off with the sweetest cards, one from Sloan and one from Tim.  Of course, I cried when I read them.  I am so blessed to have the best husband and daughter in the world!!  After Tim went and got us donut holes :) we watched a of my favorite things to do!  For dinner, we went and spent the evening at the Todd's house.  Diddy fired up the grill and cooked some fabulous steaks and Sarah made delish potatoes. 

This past weekend we went and met with the builder and afterwards went to see some of our best friends...The Whitakers.  Needless to say Lucas and Sloan are becoming much closer buds!!

 Sloan going for the cup!

I am so excited that Sloan's birthday is almost here.  I have been working so hard to get things ready.  You don't realize how much stress comes along with planning a 1-year old birthday party until you plan one yourself.  This weekend I got a lot done, so hopefully I won't be up all night the night soon to come :)

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